Anaesthesia & critical care equipment - made in Belgium

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    15.000 patients per day

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    Patient safety

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    Cost efficiency

40 years of experience in lung ventilation

Forty years ago Medec chose to specialise in breathing systems and their accessories. Through the years, the product range has grown to a wide variety of products for use in operating rooms and critical care departments: from simple devices to ventilators and complete ventilation workstations for both anaesthesia and critical care, from basic to high-end solutions.


Made in Belgium, the heart of Europe

Medec solutions are fully designed, developed and assembled in-house which is the guarantee for an absolute top quality and perfect reliability. Medec is ISO certified and the Medec product range is CE marked. All equipment as well as all parts are tested at every stage of the assembly procedure.


Customs and standards differ between countries, hospitals, doctors. Thanks to the full in-house development and production – including software programming – Medec knows how to flexibly go along with specific and individual customer demands on additional equipment and options. The result: custom-made workstations, obviously always with complete priority to patient safety.

International reputation

Medec has countless references in over 90 countries for both general and very specific applications. On a daily basis 15,000 patients are safely ventilated by a Medec workstation. Medec has an international network of authorised distributors specialised in anaesthesia and critical care. Each of them receives comprehensive training to support both users and technicians.